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Monday, October 1, 2007

If You Get The Chance To Pass It Up, Don’t Pass It Up!

Of the many online business payment plans out there, the “Pass It Up” concept has to be one of the least understood, yet most outstanding in terms of earning potential for effort. Just one sale can result in literally thousands of dollars being paid to you by total strangers, month after month, week after week, day after day!

The funny thing is, most people just don’t get it. I admit it took me a while to fully grasp just how powerful it is.

Also called Pay It Forward, and One-Up, or Two-Up, or Three Up, the Pass It Up scenario goes like this. You join a home business program that requires you to pay the commission from your first one, or two, or three sales to the person who introduced you to the business. Thereafter, you get to collect all of your sales commissions, forever.

For example, on a one-up product retailing for $1,000, you would pay the first $1,000 to your sponsor and all further sales would go into your hot little hand. Similarly, with a two-up or three-up, you would pay the first $2,000 or $3,000 to your sponsor before your profits were your own. Thereafter, you’re home free.

In any case, when you look at the overall earning potential of the business, it’s a pretty cheap price to pay, when you can earn tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in your first year alone. Think about it... At $1,000 per sale, just a hundred sales would give you $100,000.

People mortgage their houses and hock their kids for a crummy hamburger franchise that is supposed to have the same earning potential, yet rarely does. They sweat it out day after day for long soul destroying hours and hope to break even in two or three years… Three years to break even. When do they plan to be in profit?

Many people focus so intently on the puny little amount they pay forward that they lose sight of the bigger picture and the huge profits they can make, with virtually no risk and in just an hour or less per day.

However, that is not the reason I say, “If you get the chance to pass it up, don’t pass it up!”

Not even close.

What we have not looked at yet is what happens when you are on the receiving end of those passed up, paid forward, one-, two-, or three- times up to you commissions. You are getting paid residual, passive income “to infinity” on a relentlessly growing number of people who one after another, after another, will be paying those $1,000 commissions to you!

That’s on top of the income you have already generated for yourself.

It works like this. Hypothetically: You buy a two-up Pass It Up business from me. For example, Passport to Wealth is a very successful “Australian two-up” business system. (Or you could choose a very Smart 3-Up business that lets you get $3,000 into profit before you pass anything up). I help you to get started, share with you the most powerful methods of operating and automating your business, in return for which, I am paid the $2,000 from your first two sales. You have nothing more to do with those two people. They are gone forever from your business.

Your third sale is to a new person who purchases the business package from you for $1,000 – in addition to which they are then required to pass their first two sales to you. This means YOU get $3,000, and three new clients out of just one sale. And that’s not all.

NOW is when it starts to get exciting. Those two people who were just passed up to you now have to give THEIR first two sales to you, as well. You rake in another $2,000 that you did absolutely nothing to earn. Of course, that is $2,000 from EACH of them - $4,000 in total.

Then in turn, those four new people each have to pay their first $2,000 to you as well, so you’ll be collecting a cool $8,000 from these sales. This cycle then continues, doubling as it passes from each person to the next. So far in this example, you have made a tidy $15,000 from just one sale that you made personally.

Meanwhile, you continue marketing to your own clients, all of whom must pass their first two sales up to you, as must the next, and the next, and the next. There is no limit to the number of sales that can be passed up to you.

So this means that the previous example of 100 sales would in turn produce first generation pass ups of $200,000, so your real income from those sales could in fact be $300,000. And that is just the beginning. The pattern doubles every time it repeats and there is no cut off point.

Once this “ripple effect” takes hold, you could not stop it, even if you tried. It’s like a tsunami of money coming right to you.

Ask anybody who operates a Pass It Up business and they’ll happily tell you they love it, and I hope now you can see why.

Pass up such an opportunity and you’ll be passing up a fortune!

Taylor Adams © 2007 For more information about Pass It Up and Pay It Forward programs ranging from around $50 to $3,000 on One-, Two-, and Three-Up systems, including the hugely successful Passport to Wealth, and revolutionary Smart 3-UP, visit Taylor’s website

Sunday, September 2, 2007

How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online –
In 3 or 4 Simple, Quick and Easy Steps…!

Here it is… bare bones, no fluff, no hype, no convincing. If you want to make money online the easiest possible way, do the steps below.

If you want to speed things up, simply do as much of Step 1a, and Step 4, as you comfortably can, as soon as you can - in addition to Steps 1, 2, and 3, of course!

Step 1 - join ALL of the free programs on the Money Buddy System list, using the exact links provided, to open your income streams.

Step 1a - (optional for now, but do it progressively as soon as you get enough income to do so comfortably) join ALL of the paid programs on the Money Buddy System list, one by one as soon as you can comfortably commit to the regular payment each month (starting at only $10 per month), using the exact links provided. You will now have more income streams, and be feeding them as well.

Step 2 - make a new copy of the Money Buddy System list, inserting your own links for the programs that you joined. Leave the existing links for any programs you did not join. Remember to update your list in future, every time you open more income streams!

Step 3 - email your new Money Buddy System list, and future updated versions, to threebuddies(at)gmail(dot)com, so your links can be rotated, and new Buddies can be joined under you.

Step 4 - (optional) if any of your friends ask about being a Money Buddy, give them a copy of YOUR latest Money Buddy System list and this instruction sheet, then help them to join and make their own new Money Buddy System list with THEIR links.

That's it!

Congratulations - You are now a fully fledged Money Buddy. As a Buddy, all you need to do is follow these simple step by step instructions for getting started - once - and nothing more, ever, if you don't want to. The System does it all for you and you still get paid, in increasing amounts as time passes, month after month, after month... after month! Now get rich with your Buddies!

If the Money Buddy System List is not included, or you have any questions, call or email Taylor for a copy.

Taylor Adams

Mobile: 0400 324 805 (+61 400 324 805)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Law of Attraction: Why Creating a HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT is Essential to Success Online

We hear so much about the Law of Attraction these days, as people attest to the miraculous changes they have experienced as a result of practicing the Law in daily life; and we also hear of people claiming it is all a hoax; a scam; that they tried it and it didn't work - or worse, they got what they did NOT want...

As with many things, when it comes to the Law of Attraction, a little knowledge can be a 'dangerous' thing.

A lesser-known Law also applies when engaging the Law of Attraction, and that is the principle I call the "Law of Hostile Environments." It is the PUSH that goes with the PULL, the yin that goes with the yang of attraction.

How it works is this... When you want to draw something to you, you also need to repel the undesired from you. You need to push what you want towards you as well as pull it towards you. Implicit in each side of the push/pull equation is its opposite.

Remember Newton's Law of Relativity, which states "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." So when you are concentrating solely on attracting a desired outcome towards you, remember: you are also creating an equal and opposite reaction!

Now, I'm not setting you up here – what I am saying is that, knowing this, you are now in a position to focus on the implications of the changes you are setting up. They can work with you or against you. It is up to you to get smart about this and manage both sides of the issue to your advantage. You can create a synergistic effect that is greater than the sum of the parts, and 'turbo-charge' your attracting!

And this is where creating a Hostile Environment comes in. It's utilizing the Law of Relativity in a skilful and subtle way to take advantage of that Law to enhance the effects of the Law of Attraction. Don't worry; it's easier than it sounds.

Let me give you an example: Suppose you have a situation you want to change. Let's say you have a health problem you wish to be rid of. (All medical issues aside for a moment, please). You decide you want to help things along by using the Law of Attraction to attract better health into your life.

You visualize yourself being fit and healthy. You create visions of a vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic you who is capable of taking life in your stride, robustly healthy and immune to disease or ill health. You concentrate on these images for 15 minutes night and morning, as well as at odd times throughout the day, when you remember.

For the most part, you go about your life and activities in your customary manner. This will include hundreds or maybe thousands of thoughts about being sick, dwelling on your health problems, being aware of the pain you are suffering, remembering to take your medications, having treatments, and the idiosyncracies of your particular condition.

Nevertheless, you do actually notice some improvements.

Then, as your health improves, you gradually discontinue the attraction techniques, and slowly your condition returns to its former state. You decide the Law of Attraction probably works better for other people whose problems are less severe than yours, or related to something else (like money) instead, and therefore easier to fix.

Well, stop right there and listen to this.

What if, along with your visualizations and attraction techniques, you also engaged the Law of Relativity and capitalised on the energy of the opposite reaction as well?

How would you do this? One way would be to create a Hostile Environment. You could care for and nourish your body in a way that promoted good health and was HOSTILE TO DISEASE! Thereby creating a push which was away from the undesired and towards the desired. In this case, away from disease and towards good health.

You make sure you get adequate rest, some gentle exercise as you take a stroll every evening, and you increase the fresh lively foods your body loves and reduce the processed, synthesised, lifeless (dead) foods...

It is a known fact that certain diseases require particular environments to exist within the body, for them to take hold, and flourish. Therefore, by changing your body’s biochemical environment by changing the substances that fuel it, the necessary conditions for the disease to survive are altered. Your body becomes increasingly hostile to the disease, it is unable to survive and slowly perishes. As this happens, you get well.

When you think about it, you will realise that this is simply turning the tables from your current state where you have created a Hostile Environment to good health, and enabled disease to run rampant in your body.

Armed with knowledge as powerful as this, just think of the things you can change in your life. The ways you can pack some power into the Law of Attraction and get maximum benefit from it.

You can create Hostile Environments to disease in general and specific conditions, to poverty, debt and financial hardship, to lack of love and ailing relationships, and literally any area of your life that is not as you would wish it to be. You could apply the Law of Hostile Environments with equal ease and effect to become debt free with plenty of money, have satisfying, fulfilling relationships, and more.

And a final word: When you’ve found what works – KEEP DOING THAT! It’s like breathing. You have to keep doing it. One breath will not last you a lifetime. Feed your changes every day and they (you) will thrive!

Taylor Adams © 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007

How To Make Money for Free ~ 2 Simple Methods To Online Cash That Anyone Can Do ~ WITHOUT Spending A Single Penny …Ever!

Question: Who gets sucked into all the hype and fast-talk about making millions, online, overnight, “while you sleep” faster than the Desperate-for-Cash person who hasn’t got a cracker?

Answer: Nobody!

So, even if you are not yet “Desperate,” (or don’t want to admit it) if YOU need money (like yesterday), want to make some cash online, and don’t have any spare loot stashed to get yourself started… relax. This report is free and the methods to make money for free that I am going to tell you about will not cost you so much as a brass razoo.

Put your overworked, tired old, maxed out credit card away! And your shiny new debit card. You won’t need them here.

Because I have tossed the old “Catch-22” of needing to spend it to make it right out the window, and you can put your mind into full focus on what I’m about to tell you here, instead of wondering when I’m going to get around to how much it’s really going to cost you. It’s not. OK?

Heck, you don’t even need to have your own computer! Use one at the local library for free, or an internet cafĂ© for a couple of bucks an hour till you can afford one, if you have to. Anyone can find a way to do this.

These Ways to Wealth need not cost you a cent ...Ever! And while you may well (and probably WILL, and I recommend you DO) choose to use some of your earnings to accelerate and expand your income in the future, the fact is, you don’t HAVE to. You can actually create an income where you outlay nothing and continue to grow your cash earnings on an ongoing basis, totally free, if you want to. Your choice.

OK – here we go.

Method #1:

Open your own online name brand products mall. Believe it or not, you can actually have a shopping mall online, with thousands of Name Brand goods for sale, to people worldwide, with full training and support for ABSOLUTELY no cost.

Sounds incredible, but this is 100% true blue! You get your own, personal website, fully set up with your own mall containing literally thousands of top name brand products for people to buy online from all around the world! This mall is growing at a rapid rate, both in sales to customers online and in the number of merchants, and goods and services, available to the mall members. more info.

Method #2:

Open your own online digital products mall. Yes, here’s another style of mall you can set up for yourself just as easily, and with all the support and training resources you could want. Again, at zero outlay, no cost, nada, zilch, freeeeee.

Equally incredible, yet equally true, and growing equally quickly! You get your own, personal website, fully set up with your own mall containing top quality ebooks, software programs, and other digital products for instant downloading by people, around the clock, around the world. All for no financial outlay for you! more info.

So there you have it. Two very easy ways to make money for free online with no cash outlay required unless and until you choose to. Work smart and start with one program at a time. Once you are comfortable with the first, then start the second. It sounds odd, but this is truly the quickest way to generate the highest return.

You can work from home at any hour of the day or night that fits with your schedule. You can spend just a couple of hours a week up to full time, depending on your circumstances. Old people, young people, sick people, people with physical challenges… it doesn’t matter who you are. If you need some cash… what are you waiting for? Go get it!!!

… And just to help you build your way to lasting financial freedom, so you will never be in this position again, join my Investment Buddies network, where I help you to turn your finances around. There’s lots of information, more ways to generate income, even a downloadable ebook for you …and yep, you guessed it, that’s free too!

Now, go make yourself some money and start having some fun! You DESERVE it. Oh, and please feel free to email me if you need any help… it will be my pleasure!

© Taylor Adams, 2007